Earlier today, a new version of Particl Electrum was released on Github. Whereas the previous version only enabled you to cold stake your funds using cold staking pools, Particl Electrum is compatible with user-run staking nodes deployed through the Partyman cold staking app.

Additionally, Particl Electrum lets you send funds to stealth addresses, although you can only send funds to one stealth address at a time.

Note: Stealth prefixes are currently unimplemented and ignored.

Get Started

Release Particl Β· particl/electrum
Release Noteshttps://github.com/particl/electrum/blob/particl/release-notes-particl.md#4214NotesIf electrum- doesn’t work try the no_libgmodule version.Hashes66b...

Installation Notes

  • If you are on Linux, please follow the installation notes available here carefully to ensure that you have the proper dependencies installed.
  • To import an existing wallet, it must be in the bip39 legacy format.
  • If electrum- doesn't work try the no_libgmodule version.
  • If your computer complains about a missing libsecp256k1 library, install the package using apt or brew, or manually build it following these instructions.

How to Cold Stake Funds Stored on Particl Electrum Using Partyman

To setup cold staking usign Partyman, Particl Electrum must be initialised in legacy mode.

When using an extaddress as the cold staking change address, the wallet will derive new addresses to use for each change output created.

To avoid reusing addresses when using an existing extaddress keychain as the cold staking change address, run extkey list true on your partyman (staking) node. Set the keys derived counter to the num_derives_external field from that output where the extaddress matches.

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