The time has come for yet another weekly development progress report. Although we didn't get a new Particl V3 testnet build this week, we've got a great update to communicate.

The star of the show this week is the ZMQ issue. Last week, we announced an interim solution that would allow us to release Particl V3 on mainnet with minimal compromise. In a last ditch effort to fix the issue before the next testnet round, core developer Tecnovert joined forces with desktop developer Arnold Bansemer to find a permanent solution. We are very happy to announce that the long-standing ZMQ issue is now permanently fixed with a unified solution across all operating systems! An interim solution is not needed anymore.

"I think its really important to mention Tecnovert's troubleshooting and assistance here in getting this done!! A massive thank you needs to be said to him for the assistance with that whole mess!" - Arnold Bansemer

Aside from this issue, a good number of minor issues were also fixed this week. This includes the governance module's graph not properly displaying on production builds, adding more precise GUI messages to better define errors, and cleaning up the code in various places.

So what's left to do now? Let's check it out!

Particl Desktop Development Report

Improve the New Zap Function's Integration

The new zap function has been integrated into Particl Desktop but we've found a few areas of improvements. Notably, the process of zapping now operates "in the background". For this reason, it needs to be able complete its task even while a user navigates to a different module than the wallet (i.e., marketplace module).

This is a relatively minor task that should be completed quickly.

Build and Release the New (and Hopefully Last) Testnet Round

Once the above item will be completed, all that will remain will be to build the new testnet version, test it internally, and then release it for one more round of public testing. Although we planned on releasing it a bit earlier, the breakthrough made with the ZMQ issue has moved it to a few more days in the future.

As always, we don't have a precise ETA, but as you can see from this development progress report, it's about ready!

Particl Core Development Report

On top of helping with the ZMQ issue for the most part of the week, Particl's code developer Tecnovert has merged various updates from Bitcoin into the Particl Core, as is usual. This is an ever-ongoing task.

As we near a new (and hopefully last) round of public testing for Particl V3, we want to once again thank you all for your incredible support for this project and passion for what it stands for! We feel incredibly grateful and lucky to have a strong community that understands the growing need for a more fair, private, and free e-commerce!

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