The week has come to an end and, with that comes the weekly development update. This week has been spent working on the few items identified in last week's update. We can report the completion of one of those items; deriving and restoring market-related wallets (identities).

Indeed, in the next update, it'll be possible to restore a market profile through usual means and then derive all related identities from it to restore the funds they hold. This is an important security addition that makes backing and restoring identities a breeze.

On top of this, a few minor bugs, improvements, and investigations have been made to the desktop client following feedback from the community.

Finally, more progress has been made towards making BasicSwap ready for its Open Beta and for Particl Core 0.22 to be mainnet ready (testing is still ongoing).

Particl Desktop Development Progress

As mentioned in the intro, the short-term development checklist for Particl Desktop is similar to last week's, with one item completed since then and more progress made on some of the other ones.

  • Allow users to backup and restore marketplace-related wallets. This item turned out to be a bit more complex than initially anticipated, with back-end changes required to the profile and identity system, but it is now complete.
  • Update Particl Desktop and particl-market (marketplace codebase) to use Particl Core 0.21. This recurring task needs to be taken care of for all major releases of Particl Core, but 0.21 introduces some specific changes that require particular attention in relation to the marketplace. This task is currently in progress and is expected to be completed very shortly.
  • A number of features related to better vendor inventory import/update, which includes the provision of a product code (allowing for updates to items via CSV amongst other things), the ability to update pricing via the batch publish window, and the ability to import images through the CSV file directly (with the possibility to specify the category and target market directly from the CSV coming soon as well). This task is currently in progress.
  • The usage of markdown in product descriptions on the marketplace to allow for better, more customizable formatting. This task has already been started but has been put on pause until the above items are completed. It is estimated that this item will be completed very quickly once its development resumes.
  • Enable the sale of digital items with no physical shipping address requirement (i.e., download links, NFTs, user codes, etc.). This task has not been started yet.

Once the above tasks are completed, we will likely start working on a roadmap that introduces something new rather than exclusively improving the current Particl V3's features. We will communicate what this or these new item(s) are when the time comes.

Particl Core Development Progress

This week, Particl's core developer Tecnovert has focused explicitly on two specific items: Particl Core 0.22 and BasicSwap.

Particl Core 0.22

As mentioned in last week's development progress report, Particl Core 0.22 introduces significant back-end changes must to be adequately tested on all platforms/OSes. Because this is a critical change, we are opting for more testing still at this time. We can report, however, that things are looking good aside from a few expected quirks here and there that get fixed as we go.


Things are getting interesting on this side of things. Tecnovert is finalizing the last few items required for BasicSwap to enter its open beta phase.

Notably, an issue with coin wallets has been resolved, causing significant breaking issues in some cases. The Monero wallet has proven tricky in that case, but a solution has been developed, and the fix is "complete". This is not intended to be a final solution, as there are cleaner ways to do it, but it is stable enough for the open beta.

Another key missing item for the open beta is the completion of a basic GUI for the DEX. In previous updates, we've shown two previews of BasicSwap GUIs: one was a standalone client and the other an integration into the Particl Desktop client.

For the open beta, a temporary and more basic GUI will be used. Keep in mind that this phase is still an early one for the DEX and that, even if it works fine on mainnet, it will require a few manual steps from the user. In short, BasicSwap's open beta won't be a standalone client or a Particl Desktop integration; it will require a few manual (rest assured, nothing too complicated) steps to build and deploy, which will be clearly explained.

The ultimate goal is to veer away from these manual steps, but that's expected to be the case once the first "production" version of BasicSwap is released.

Insight Explorer

A small fix has been pushed to the Insight explorer to allow spent indexes to update even if addressindex can't.

Particl Website and BasicSwap GUI

Particl's designer, Gerlof, is putting the final touches on the website and finalizing its testing. It is expected to go live almost any day now. We'd like to refer you to last week's report for more information on why its release has taken a few days longer than anticipated.

Once the website is released, the next immediate design priority will be to finish up the temporary and basic GUI for the BasicSwap DEX. Following the completion of this item, BasicSwap will be ready for its open beta deployment.

As always, we thank you for your support and passion for the Particl project and its mission. The times standing ahead of us are incredibly interesting, and the path to Particl's success, as defined by the new roadmap, is now crystal clear.

We wish you a great weekend and will see you next week!

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