As the week comes to an end, it's time for a development progress report. This week, work has continued on the previously identified items. Additionally, following feedback from some of the vendors on the marketplace, there's been a fair bit of investigation on listing fees and to determine how they could be lowered.

Furthermore, a new update to BasicSwap has been pushed, bringing it closer than ever to its open beta phase (more details on that further down below).

Particl Desktop Development Progress

This week has been a continuation of last week's list of items.

To provide a bit of clarity, the team is currently working on the Particl Desktop 3.1 (or V3.1) release, which focuses on fixing any bug or issue identified since the launch of Particl V3. It also will include a few feature improvements (i.e., the items mentioned in the list below).

Particl Desktop 3.1 is a supporting update for the Particl V3 release and is not intended to introduce any new major feature or functionality; that is instead planned for Particl Desktop 3.2 and onward.

Here's the short-term to-do list for Particl Desktop 3.1.

  • Update Particl Desktop and particl-market (marketplace codebase) to use Particl Core 0.21. This task is currently in progress and is expected to be completed very shortly.
  • A number of features related to better vendor inventory import/update, which includes the provision of a product code (allowing for updates to items via CSV amongst other things), the ability to update pricing via the batch publish window, and the ability to import images through the CSV file directly (with the possibility to specify the category and target market directly from the CSV coming soon as well). This task is currently in progress.
  • The usage of markdown in product descriptions on the marketplace to allow for better, more customizable formatting. This task has already been started but has been put on pause until the above items are completed. It is estimated that this item will be completed very quickly once its development resumes.
  • Enable the sale of digital items with no physical shipping address requirement (i.e., download links, NFTs, user codes, etc.). This task has not been started yet.

Particl Core Development Progress

As we prepare the grounds for the launch of the open beta phase for BasicSwap, a new version for it has been pushed to the closed beta group and requires further testing. This new version introduces a few new features (i.e., private swap offers, where users can send private offers that can only be seen by one other particular user) and improves on various functionalities.

After the new website goes live on Tuesday, you can expect an official BasicSwap introduction to be the next big piece of communications on Particl News. This blog post will explain everything you need to know about BasicSwap and officially announce it as the next big item coming up for Particl.

Other than that, an SMSG update has been scheduled for an upcoming Particl hardfork. It fixes a case where adjusting markteplace listing fees through smsgfeetarget was ineffective. Investigations on reducing listing fees are ongoing and additional updates to that effect may be included for the next hardfork (no scheduled date at this time, we will inform you when that is the case).

New Particl Website

As mentioned earlier in this update and in yesterday's marketing article, the new website is going to go live this coming Tuesday the 26th of October. Be sure to be around on that day to check it out!

Thank you for your support and passion! You are what makes this project!

Be sure to be around next week for the grand reveal of the new Particl website and share it far and wide with people you know will resonate with the project's mission.

And on that note, we wish you all a great weekend.

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