Particl Desktop 3.1.3 is now available to download! It fixes a major issue that led to market receiving keys being removed from core under some circumstances.

While this did not affect the publishing of listings for sellers, this bug prevented listings from being properly received and decrypted by other network peers. And so, even though sellers were publishing listings on the marketplace, other users couldn't see them.

Although this issue was mostly fixed in the previous Particl Desktop 3.1.2 release, the patch did not cater to already-existing markets, including the Open Market. This patch resolves the issue as a whole.

For the reasons mentioned above, this update is critical for using Particl Marketplace. We highly recommend updating your client!

Note: After starting Particl Desktop, it may be helpful to use the Market module > Market Settings menu option > "Force Scan for Marketplace Messages" button once to re-populate any missing listings for these previously affected markets.

Get Started

Release v3.1.3 · particl/particl-desktop

If you happen to be a newcomer to Particl at all we highly recommend the Particl Academy as your guide and reference book for getting along with Particl Marketplace.

Open Particl Academy


  • Your wallet needs to be unlocked to process buy and sell orders on the marketplace.
  • If you spot any issue, bug, or area of improvement, please report it directly on the Github Issues page.

Advanced Start-up

Sometimes, it's helpful to start the application from the terminal, aka command line. It gives you additional information about what's happening in the background and can be useful for troubleshooting issues (if issues you encounter).


  1. Open "Windows Explorer"
  2. On the installation folder (e.g. "C:\Program Files\Particl Desktop\Particl Desktop") Press [SHIFT⇧]+[MOUSE-RIGHT◳] and choose "Open command window here"
  3. Type the following command including the quotation marks into the terminal and hit [ENTER ↵] "Particl Desktop.exe"


  1. Open "Terminal"
    (e.g. [COMMAND ⌘] + [SPACE] and type terminal > hit [ENTER ↵])
  2. Type in this command and hit [ENTER ↵]:
    /Applications/Particl\\ Desktop


  1. Open a terminal in the folder where you’ve installed the application and type the following command and hit [ENTER ↵]:
    ./Particl\ Desktop

List of Changes

Marketplace App

While a bug affecting markets and their listings was fixed in v3.1.2, the fix did not correctly patch the affected markets so that they may continue receiving listings correctly again. This has now been updated, and ensures that affected markets are fully functional once again.

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