UI/UX Tweaks and Bitcoin Exchange Issue Fix

Earlier today, Particl Desktop 2.3.1 was released on mainnet. This version is a minor update that introduces a few fixes and tweaks, notably with the Bitcoin Exchange module and the Bot Management section of the wallet (infinite loading screen on Mac OS). If you’ve been encountering any issue with these, please update your client.

Particl Desktop 2.3.1

Get Started

Download Particl Desktop 2.3.1: https://github.com/particl/particl-desktop/releases/tag/v2.3.1

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In order to “activate” the marketplace, you need to add a wallet named “Market” (any capitalization works). The marketplace is currently only available via the Particl Desktop on this wallet. This is a temporary requirement that is going to be improved with the upcoming Market Management feature.


  • There will be an automatic update to the latest supported particl-core version, if applicable, when the marketplace is launched.
  • Your wallet needs to be unlocked in order to process buy and sell orders on the open marketplace, if the wallet is encrypted.
  • The marketplace is still in on-going development, and thus is considered to be a Beta release.
  • NB!! The source code linked to here is not the actual tagged release source code. Please contact Particl for source code information. The actual source code will be uploaded and made available after an appropriate interval of time has passed.

What’s New?

UI Tweaks

  • Minor UI tweaks implemented, which include suggestions as per #1631 , #1651 and #1685

Fixed Issues

  • Fixes an issue that would render the ‘Loading’ screen indefinitely when dealing with the ‘Bot’ implementation on some versions of OS X.