Today marks the publication of two new releases; Particl Core and Particl Desktop 2.3.6. These releases aim to ease and streamline the process of identifying anon and blind outputs to assist the team in selecting the best path forward and help reveal exploited outputs that can then be blacklisted.

Below this post, you’ll find a detailed progress report for Particl V3. If you want to jump straight to it, you can click here.

Particl Desktop 2.3.6 and Particl Core

Release Particl Desktop v2.3.6 · particl/particl-desktop
This patch release includes some minor usability enhancements.NB!! The source code linked to here is not the actual tagged release source code. Please contact Particl for source code information. ...

Particl Desktop 2.3.6 introduces a new GUI tool to quickly identify the anon and blind outputs from all your unlocked wallets. It uses the new Particl Core release, which improves the output tracing script.

To see the complete list of changes for Particl Core, follow this link.

To use the new tool, simply follow these steps.

1- Open Particl Desktop 2.3.6 and ensure you are running Particl Core

2- Unlock all of your wallets by opening each of them in the bar on the left and clicking the lock pad icon at the top right corner of the client.

3- Once all your wallets are unlocked, click on the printer icon at the top right corner of the client and a new window will appear.

4- Choose where you want to export your output data, and then click on the Export button.

After clicking the Export button, a file named frozen_blinded_data.txt will be created in the location of your choice. To submit this file to the Particl team, send it to Tecnovert ( on Riot/Element or to Cryptoguard either on Telegram/Riot/Element/Discord or by email at

Thank you for participating in this output submission process; it will help the team select the best path forward to re-enable frozen outputs and blacklist exploited ones!

Note: Running Particl Desktop 2.3.6 will automatically update your Particl Core node to the latest version. You shouldn’t need to download the new Particl Core version separately unless you want to collect your outputs without using Particl Desktop.

Particl V3 Progress Report

We are happy today to also provide a detailed Particl V3 progress report. This list contains all the recent bug fixes and outstanding items since the last Particl V3 progress report.

Additionally, it can now be announced that any slowdown in the progress of Particl V3, as mentioned in the March Project Update, has been duly resolved. The development of Particl V3 is now back at a regular pace.


A list of remaining fixes to include before Particl V3 can go live on mainnet. Some of these items are already fixed but require additional testing while the others are relatively minor, except for the zmq.node issue that occurs for some Windows users.

  • Once a market is blacklisted, it does not allow for further processing of any related activity. For example, the market cannot be removed, product templates for the market cannot be created, etc. The fix has been implemented and is currently in testing phase.
  • An expired listing item that has been added to the cart is automatically removed from the particl-market but remains added to the cart. The fix has been implemented and is currently in testing phase.
  • A situation can occur during which releasing the escrow without completing the “shipping” step can result in both parties becoming stuck in the “shipping step”. The fix has been implemented and is currently in testing phase.
  • Category filter for general markets other than the default Open Marketplace does not work as expected. The fix has been implemented and is currently in testing phase.
  • The change implemented to fix the category filter requires a change to the implementation of selecting a category during the product template creation/editing.
  • Fix the zmq.node error on startup occurring on some Windows machines.
  • Allow external links listed via the Help and Support page to open in the user's browser instead of inside a self-contained webview "window". There are some concerns about this, so this will likely be temporary until a better solution can be implemented.
  • Add dynamic loading screen quotations.
  • There is no means to delete a published product from the Inventory tab.
  • Display the category creation modal or otherwise direct the user to the category creation process after creating a new storefront market.
  • Add additional text to the market creation section to ensure that there is no confusion about the market being private by default and only being known if the market details are explicitly shared with others or the market is promoted.

In Progress

A list of items currently being worked on.

  • Updating Particl Desktop code in V3 to be compatible with recent API improvements applied in particl-market. Needs some significant testing to ensure all things are working, so takes a non-trivial amount of time to complete.
  • In the wallet module, the Address label is not clearly indicated that it requires additional action (clicking the button) to save the label.
  • Test Particl Core with Particl Desktop 3.0, fixing any issues that may occur.


A list of the items that have been completed since the last Particl V3 progress report.

  • Add 32-bit Windows builds back in as before.
  • Setting all shipping costs to 0 causes some errors while publishing a product and purchasing.
  • On the listings page, add a checkbox-like control to each item to avoid confusion about unselecting a selected country.
  • Allow for the transaction ID to be selected/copied in the Transaction table.
  • Ensure the 'Show inactive and archived' checkbox in the Orders pages is checked/enabled by default to prevent orders from seemingly disappearing once they are complete.
  • Fixed an error that appeared when the Particl Desktop application is closed while the marketplace is starting.
  • A menu dropdown with no additional identities for selection now indicates no alternative identities for selection (rather than displaying nothing).
  • Presents a missing "unlock wallet" prompt when creating a market with an encrypted wallet/identity.
  • Display an alternative error message when accepting a bid fails due to having insufficient available funds.
  • Swap the position of the public and anon balance values in the Market Overview display.
  • Updated a setting description to describe its intended purpose more accurately.


Due to the recent inflationary bug, all anon and blind outputs are temporarily frozen. And because the Particl Marketplace works using anon and blind outputs, it is not operational until the upcoming hardfork that unfreezes outputs occurs.

For this reason, a mainnet release of Particl V3 is not possible until the hardfork. In the meantime, you can expect one or more testnet releases of Particl V3 to properly test all the new bug fixes and improvements made to it since the first testnet release.

If the mainnet release is entirely ready before the hardfork takes place, the team will start working on additional Particl Desktop deliverables/features in a separate branch which may, or may not, be merged in time for the first V3 mainnet release. If a feature has been started and is not ready for release when the hardfork takes place, it’ll then be included in a subsequent release.

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