On the 7th of August, we announced the groundbreaking news that the PART coin was now available to manage on the Ledger Nano S hardware device with staking enabled. However, up until now, there was no proper tutorial for our users to learn how to set up staking on their Ledger.

Thanks to our very dedicated community member Ben who has put together most of this tutorial, you can now set up staking on your Ledger Nano S device by following the steps enumerated here: https://particl.wiki/ledger_staking

Note that, while this tutorial may be reserved for the more advanced/experienced users as it makes use of the debug window and staking nodes, it has been verified and approved by the team as safe.

A Better Way to Enable Staking on Your Ledger Device is Coming

Setting up cold staking on your Ledger Nano S hardware device using Particl-Qt (as explained in the tutorial above) might not be the easiest and most user-friendly way to go about it, but for serious stakers it should be no problem. We are, however, planning a full Particl Desktop integration for hardware devices installation and staking setups. Because releasing the Beta version of Particl Marketplace is the main focus at this moment, it is unclear when exactly that integration is going to be worked out, but we recommend keeping a close eye to our Status Report on our official website.