🎉 It’s official! 🎉

Earlier today, the Particl network successfully went through our planned mainnet hardfork without any issue — at block 397010.

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As a reminder, the main driver for the planned hardfork is to onboard features needed for our upcoming marketplace to be on the main network chain. Particl added both multi-signature cold staking capabilities and paid SMSG. To see what these two features mean, head over to our explanatory blog post linked just below to know all the details.

Development Update - Planned Hardfork Schedule - Particl News
2019.02.16-12:00:00 UTC In 4 days, on the 16th of February, we're going to fork Particl's test network (testnet) to…particl.news

Next steps

The success of this feature onboarding means the Particl network now has the tools ready and available on mainnet for our beta version of the private, decentralized, and community-governed marketplace. 😎

It is important to keep in mind, while multi-signature cold staking is not directly related to the marketplace, paid SMSG allows for the decentralized governance mechanism to properly function with real coins.

It is also important to remember that the success of the hardfork doesn’t mean the highly anticipated marketplace is ready today.

The team is still making the final preparations, testing, and fixes leading up to the beta mainnet release. Head over to our #testing channel on Discord to be able to download the latest testnet version of the marketplace and see where it currently stands. The great news is — with the help of all the community testers — the testnet version of alpha/beta marketplace is now pretty stable. We only have a few fixes left to implement before we are ready to release the first ever private-by-default decentralized marketplace onto mainnet.

With Beta mainnet just around the corner, if you are considering selling or buying stuff for crypto, now is probably a good time to reach out to any vendor you had in mind to sell on the marketplace. All we can say is buckle up because we’re just about to show crypto what a blockchain product should look and feel like!