The Particl team has, for a few days now, been working relentlessly on fixing a critical issue found few days ago. To fix this issue requires an immediate hardfork which will also temporarily disable RingCT and CT transactions up until a second hardfork a few days later.

To ensure the smoothest hardfork possible, it is imperative that you urgently download and install the new Particl Core clients ( ONLY) which can be found here. If you run a cold staking node, update it immediately by typing out this command: partyman update. If you use the Particl Desktop client, open it as soon as you can and it will automatically be updated at launch to follow up with the hardfork. If it's already opened up, please shut it down completely and restart it.

Release Particl Core · particl/particl-core
Release Notes: particl-

Updating your Particl Core version is mandatory for you to end up on the forked chain and will help stabilize the blockchain faster. Do not make any transaction using any of the older, pre-fork Particl Core versions as they will not show up after updating your node. The Particl team is already working in collaboration with exchanges and partners (i.e. cold staking pool and Particl Copay operators) which have already updated their Particl Core nodes to the right version.

We understand that you may have questions out of this sudden and unexpected announcement. We are here to help and answer your questions! We will follow up, in the next few days, with a blog post explaining exactly the nature of the detected vulnerability, what led to its discovery, its impact, and the way forward post-hardfork. For maximum transparency, the Particl team will also open up, at the same time, an AMA thread on Particl’s sub-Reddit to answer any of your questions about the event. This AMA thread will also double up as an FAQ to answer the most common questions about this event.

The entire Particl team would like to thank you for your continued support and ask for your swift collaboration to act as quickly as possible.

Note: As a result of this announcement, the February Project Update is temporarily delayed and will be posted later in the month of March once the chain stabilizes following the hardforks.
Note 2: Any transaction made on pre- Particl Core versions will not show up once you update your node(s) and will be rejected by exchanges.
Note 3: If you are currently running Particl Core 0.21.x in pre-release, please install Particl Core for now. A new and patched 0.21 version will be released at a later time.
Note 4: Because RingCT (anon) and CT (blind) transactions are temporarily disabled, the Particl Marketplace will stop working up until the second hardfork when both transaction types are re-enabled.

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