We're happy to announce that Decred is now available on BasicSwap and can now be swapped, on mainnet, against all other available cryptocurrencies on the DEX, including the hyper-private Monero.

Get Started

Activate Decred

To begin swapping Decred on BasicSwap, you must first activate the cryptocurrency on your local device. To do so, follow the instructions provided on the Github here or on the dedicated Particl Academy page here.

If you're installing BasicSwap for the first time, you can activate Decred as part of the default installation process by either adding Decred to the --withcoins= argument or by selecting it if you're using one of the automated installers (.exe installer on Windows or automated installation bash scripts).

Sync it Up!

After activation, launch BasicSwap and check the Wallets page to confirm your Decred node is set up correctly. You may need to click the Refresh button for your wallet to appear.

The Decred tile on the Wallets page shows a progress bar indicating your blockchain sync status. Note that 100% synchronization is required to view Decred swap offers from other users on the order book.

Begin Swapping

Once fully synced, you can begin swapping Decred with other cryptocurrencies and place offers on the order book.

To guide you through the various processes, we've prepared a series of tutorial videos that show you the majority of the DEX's features. To consult them, head over to this playlist on Particl's official Youtube page.

Learn More

If you're only starting your BasicSwap journey, then congratulations for taking the proper steps in protecting your funds and taking control of your financial life!

There are various resources scattered online that will help you take your first steps and get the best out of BasicSwap. Here are some that may be helpful:

Thanks to the Community

This integration was made possible thanks to the Decred community's strong support, including donations to BasicSwap developers and contributors.

The growing support for BasicSwap and other true DEXs within the space is a positive development for the preservation of our collective digital sovereignty. It contributes massively to making cryptocurrencies safer and more resilient as we move forward.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the Decred community and all supporters who help make BasicSwap a reality every day.

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