To celebrate the launch of Litecoin MWEB on BasicSwap DEX — the world's safest, cheapest and most anonymous exchange — we're giving away five (5) 2013 Lealana 1 Litecoin “First Run” physical coins, valued at approximately $1,000 each.

To participate, simply (1) like and retweet the contest tweet, (2) tag three of your friends in the tweet's comments section, and (3) place an order on the contest listing published on Particl Marketplace (listing title: "Particl x Litecoin MWEB Contest").

We will be picking a lucky winner at random every two Sundays over 10 weeks, for 5 rounds total.

Mark your calendars for the final draw date (at 2PM EST):

Note: For each new round, a fresh tweet will be posted. To participate, you must retweet, like, and tag three friends in the comment section of the current round's tweet.


  1. While there is no need to include your real address when placing your order on the Particl Marketplace contest listing (you can enter a dummy address), you must include your Twitter handle so that we can verify that you've liked and retweeted the contest tweet. Orders without a Twitter handle will not be counted as valid.
  2. We'll contact the winner for shipping details through the official ParticlProject Twitter account. Do not give your address away to any other fake account that may try to reach out to you.
  3. One win per person. Winners are excluded from future draws.
  4. While a small amount of PART is currently required to place an offer on this listing, the introduction of Litecoin as a payment option is on the horizon as a BasicSwap DEX integration into Particl Marketplace is in the works.

About Particl's Decentralized Marketplace

Particl Marketplace is Particl's first-ever decentralized application. It is an anonymous, commission-free online eCommerce platform similar to eBay, but entirely decentralized.

Built from the ground up with privacy in mind, it operates without personal information or accounts, using a two-party escrow system and Particl's native privacy coin, PART, to keep transaction details confidential.

If you're just learning about Particl Marketplace or haven't installed it before, these links may be useful to you:

Note: To participate in the contest, you must place an order request for the contest listing. To easily find it, use the search function and look for a listing titled "Particl x Litecoin MWEB Contest".  

A small amount of PART  (1 PART) is required for you to place an order request. That amount will be refunded, in full, to you at the end of each round.

To acquire PART, you can use an exchange like MEXC or the quicker WizardSwap, a user-friendly exchange developed by one of our beloved community members that allows direct LTC to PART swaps.

About the 2013 Lealana 1 Litecoin “First Run” Physical Coins

Actual images of the five (5) 2013 Lealana 1 Litecoin “First Run” physical coins up for grabs
  1. Limited first mint: Only 2,000 created.
  2. Each coin contains 1 LTC, the private key is under a peelable layer.
  3. Comes with a protective coin capsule.
  4. First bits obscured in images for added security.
  5. A collector's gem, estimated value $1,000 (see here).

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