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Due to this week’s Community Update’s size, we’ve opted to separate it into three parts to make it easier to go through. This is part 3, and you can read the two previous parts by following the links below:

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Community Events

Media & Social Updates

Community & Events

Particl in Toronto — CryptoCamp

Part of the Particl communications team met in Toronto for Deloitte’s CryptoCamp Unconference, a blockchain event centered around panels and product demonstrations.

Starting with a demonstration of Particl’s Open Marketplace (Alpha), the team then hanged around the whole day to network and connect with all sorts of people and projects from the space.

One noteworthy fact the team noticed is that even though the event was themed around blockchain product demonstrations, the Open Marketplace was the only actual product we’ve seen demoed at the event. In fact, we did not see any other project being demoed at the event, with projects instead making either sales pitches or powerpoint presentations. Of course, as there was a couple of presentations happening at the same time, the team did not get to see the entirety of the scheduled presentations, sometimes missing some due to networking outside of the rooms, but none of the ones we attended at live demos.

Particl in the Philippines — Manila’s Blockchain Christmas Fair

14 Dec | Manila’s Blockchain Christmas Fair — BLOCKCHATS — Blockchain Events + Lifestyle
Browse the nerdiest Christmas fair of the year and grab merchandise, souvenirs, and your Christmas dinner from the…

On the 14th of December, Particl organized Manila’s Blockchain Christmas Fair alongside Block-chats and Coding Girls Manila. Presented at BlockchainSPACE, the event attracted more than 200 people who gathered around for a Christmas bazaar, dinner, and to listen to a panel of experts discussing the future of eCommerce and how decentralized marketplaces will affect the industry.

The panel was composed of these prominent blockchain public figures:

  • Miguel Cuneta — Co-Founder of SCI & Particl Advisor
  • Mark Vernon — Founder of TagCash, a large Philippines-based crypto company and very well-known within the Asian community
  • Chris Verceles — Blockchain developer at Consensys
  • Colin Goltra — Head of Cryptocurrency Program at
  • Gerb Inajada — Head of Blockchain Technology at UnionBank
  • Alenna Dawn Magpantay — Philippines Ambassador for Coding Girls

We will publish a full recap of the event on our blog Monday, and the discussion initiated by our panel of experts inspired Lina to start an article series on the challenges of decentralized eCommerce and how Particl aims at tackling those. The first episode of this article will also be published on Monday.

Particl in Brazil — BlockchainGo 2019

Community member JoaquimF will be presenting Particl in front of a crowd at BlockchainGo 2019. Joaquim, a passionate Particl fan who has already organized two local meetups, has experience with the product and wanted to take the local promotion to another level.

We’ll have more details about this event in the coming days!

Particl in Paris — CoinHouse

In a yet to be officially announced development, the Particl team has confirmed its presence at CoinHouse in late February where it will hold a big event for the Paris community.

CoinHouse is the leading Bitcoin and cryptocurrency hub in France with over 100,000 customers, 35,000 of them being considered as “active”. It offers a wide array of services including educational information, investment advice (approved by France’s AMF), OTC Bitcoin purchases and sales, and more. As part of their educational mission and community-driven initiatives, they hold very popular meetups, conferences, and other types of events that can be attended by the France cryptocurrency community. The startup has also been the home of the now widely-known and popular startup Ledger, which now have a product (Ledger Nano S) that is compatible with Particl for hardware storage and cold staking. CoinHouse is also partnered with renowned Paris Universities HEC and Polytechnique and now offers blockchain classes to students.

La Maison du Bitcoin Rebrands as Coinhouse
Leading cryptoasset investment with new platform, services and visual

The event will feature several presentations, starting with a full demonstration of the Open Marketplace, followed by a presentation from community member Ben on cold staking pools. The event will then hold a Mubiz presentation made by Albin Cauderlier where he will showcase the potential his company has and how it could make Particl’s Open Marketplace as easy to use as any other traditional marketplace. The event will then end with either a panel or a roundtable for questions and answers so that the audience can ask all the questions they have about Particl and topics that relate to it.

Keep your eyes on as we will soon announce more details about the event!

Particl in China — TOKEN2049

Particl is Going to Hong Kong’s TOKEN 2049 Conference
Directly in line with our “boots-on-the-ground” intention of being present at more conferences around the world…

Directly in line with our “boots-on-the-ground” intention of being present at more conferences around the world, Particl and part of its core group is going to be present at Hong Kong’s TOKEN2049’s flagship conference on the 13th and 14th of March 2019.

As part of the wider Asia Crypto Week event, this conference, which the 2018 editions attracted more than 2,000 attendees, 100 speakers, and 100 journalists, draws in some of the biggest and most influent players in the blockchain industry.

Lina as Part of the Binance Manila Crypto Meetup’s Panel

On the 16th of December, Lina was picked to talk on Binance’s Manila event discussion panel.

You can see more pictures of the event by going on Lina’s Instagram post about it. We also highly recommend you to follow her on Instagram as she is very active there.

Media & Social Updates

Meet Particl Advisor Miguel Cuneta

As the 2019 year rolls on and the Open Marketplace hits mainnet, the Particl project will shift into a more production-focused phase. As such, you can expect us to engage much more with our advisors, especially Miguel Cuneta and John Bailon from SCI.

With that in mind, we wanted to give you an idea of who Miguel Cuneta, co-founder and CCO of Satoshi Citadel Industries, really is and how he got to meet the team. Watch the video linked above to get all this information!

Bitcoin & Particl: Building an Economy Together

Bitcoin & Particl: Building an Independent Economy Together
Bitcoin is often considered the most important technological breakthrough since the internet. There is a very simple…

What does Particl mean for Bitcoin, and how does it fix a long-standing problem with cryptocurrencies in general hardly being considered currencies? Read our blog post linked just above this paragraph and learn how Particl will make cryptocurrencies just as easy, affordable, and effortless to spend as any other traditional currency. No more will you need to go through several hoops, third-parties, and high fees to buy and sell stuff for crypto!

Altcoin Magazine Interviews the Particl Project

Project Rundown Article with Particl on Altcoin Magazine — Privacy-focused Decentralized

Altcoin Magazine interviewed in December the Particl project to get a more in-depth look at what’s being built as well as what motivates the team. This turned out to be an outstanding interview that can now serve as a great link to share with any newcomer coming into the community. This interview is absolutely a must!

Humans of Crypto

Humans of Crypto — Episode #1: Miguel Cuneta
A video series by Particl and

Humans of Crypto is a new video series spearheaded by our Lead Community Evangelist, Lina Seiche. Follow her around as she meets the crypto pioneers giving their life and working every day towards growing and evolving the blockchain industry.

We meet the supporters that stick with their beliefs through any backlash, the creators that are constructing the first pillars of cutting-edge infrastructures in a society that seems far from ready, the thinkers that draw scenarios which have never been thought before. As we follow them through their everyday lives, talk with them in their favorite spots, and look over their shoulder at work, we attempt to understand a little bit more about them and their pursuits. — Lina Seiche

TV Documentary Featuring Lina Seiche and Miguel Cuneta

A great example of the skills of Lina is her appearance in this TV documentary about Bitcoin made by Deutsche Welle. Featuring both Lina and Miguel Cuneta, this documentary goes to show how Bitcoin is changing the Philippines and how it is empowering its citizen by giving them back control over their money.

If you are a Bitcoin fan, this definitely is a must-watch!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year From the Particl Team

As the holidays dawned on us, some of the Particl team members decided to give their warm wishes to the community as we dived into 2019.

Lina Seiche — I think I’m Turning Japanese — Blockleaders
Lina Seiche talks to Blockleaders about being a digital nomad, following your gut, and why she hopes people will soon…

BlockLeaders, a website focused on diving deeper into the personalities that make up the blockchain industry, interviewed Lina Seiche. Click on the link above to read the article and get to know more about our new Lead Community Evangelist.

CryptoRamble’s Channel

Desi-Rae has released a couple of videos lately, which are included in different parts of this Community Update. There are two, however, that haven’t been included, including a reflection on altcoins in general as well as her wishes for crypto 2019.

This completes this massive Community Update! To read the previous parts of this update, please follow these links:

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