Join our community of testers ready the Particl Project’s newest intuitive, responsive UI.

Yesterday the Particl Development Team released version 0.1.0 of our newest user interface, Particl Wallet; for immediate testing on PART Testnet. Built with Electron and Angular, this GUI will constantly be adapting to the Particl framework for applications, widgets, communication tools and more. All open source, all decentralized, all private.

Particl Wallet is the fourth wallet built by Particl for PART users and the 2nd unique wallet released this month! Our Copay Wallet is available on the Google App Store and an overview of all Particl clients can be found on our Wiki.

particl-clients *
In this location all the essential files of your wallet and Particl blockchain are stored. Let's have a look at them…

As decentralized applications (DApps) our built on the Particl Privacy Framework, like our upcoming Marketplace, they will plug into the Particl Wallet. Imagined as plug-and-play elements, these privacy apps, widgets and add-ons are controlled by each user depending on how they interact with Particl’s decentralized privacy platform.

Keep it simple, stupid

Responsibility in product release integrity is of upmost importance when dealing with the security of other people’s experience and finances so all initial official builds will be hardcoded for use with the Particl Testnet only. As always, our code is open source and Particl Wallet can be used on Particl Mainnet by advanced users who compile their own releases.

Testers Wanted!

The quicker we find and fix bugs the faster we release an official mainnet-ready build. Anyone can test and report bugs. Building Particl Wallet with tools like Electron provides us a truly easy built-in application installer and launcher. One click and the program summons the daemon to access the PART Blockchain. Users are reporting that the latest Particl Core greatly increases the blockchain sync time, making Particl Wallet one of the fastest and easiest to get started with in the crypto space!

Particl Wallet on Github

The Particl Wallet currently uses the daemon from Particl Core v0.15.0.2.
It will automatically download and run it.

Anyone who joined us in a previous testnet will either have to remove their testnet/blocks and testnet/chainstate folder, or run the gui using ./particl -reindex

partgui - Particl Angular GUI - The source for the Particl

Thank You

Particl Team