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Particl Foundation is proud to partner with BTC Studios- a division of BTC Media, to help foster awareness on decentralized marketplaces, individual sovereignty, right to privacy and self-governing, crypto-agnostic platforms.

There is so much more to Particl than our PART token. Sure we’ve taken the best Bitcoin offers and made it more private with Confidential Transactions and RingCT. It’s true being the first token with SegWit native at launch makes all transactions on the Particl blockchain Segregated Witness transactions. However, these essential privacy enhancements are only one piece of the puzzle Particl has it’s sights set on solving. But that stuff most of you already know…

The problem is not many users outside our growing community know about Particl and the innovative work the development team has delivered and is planning to deliver over the next 6 months. That’s where BTC Studios comes in and we’re so excited to begin!

BTC Media

BTC Media’s team has over 60 years of combined publishing experience. We publish the world’s only print magazines about the Bitcoin and blockchain industries, and operate several of the most recognized and trusted online resources, reaching millions of readers worldwide. Our unique insight into this world is why leading companies, such as Nasdaq, rely on us to power their blockchain content.


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